Furnace Repair/ Maintenance

Mr. HVAC offers the best furnace repair programs in the Mississauga, Celadon and nearby areas. Our professional technicians will make sure that we are on time and provide you with the best solutions to your problems so that you are never stuck at -30 degrees and a furnace that is not working.

Air Condition Repair/ Maintenance

Our best in class AC repair and maintenance plan will help you to be worry free for your next hot summer. We provide yearly maintenance to look after your air conditioner, and provide on-call repairs if anything goes wrong. Our professional technicians will make sure that you have a chilled and relaxed summer.

Water Heater

Whether you are looking for a tankless water heater or a regular hot water tank, Mr. HVAC has the solution for you. We provide the best solution for your specific hot water needs. Our technicians will give you the best options that will fit your budget and requirements.


The cold and dry air of winters are a major cause of skin rashes and nose bleeding. The experienced staff at Mr. HVAC will help you choose the best humidifying solution for your home and provide you with installation. We are determined to make the air in your home more comfortable.

Air Filtration System

At Mr. HVAC, we provide various air filtration systems including UV Lights, HEPA air filters, Anti - Bacterial air filters and many more. We can help you choose the best one for heating and cooling needs, and budget.

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