Furnace maintenance is the yearly check of your furnace and other HVAC equipment to see that everything is in order. Read the blog to learn more…

Introduction: What is Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance is the yearly check of your furnace and other HVAC equipment to see that everything is in order. This type of regular maintenance helps to keep up with any suspected repairs. Yearly maintenance saves the homeowner a lot on unforeseen repairs on the Furnace.

Furnace Maintenance is a checkup on your furnace performed by a professional gas technician. You can consider furnace maintenance the same as getting your car serviced. Just like in a car service, the mechanic will know if anything is wrong with your car before it breaks down on the road. The furnace technician will know what’s wrong with your furnace if anything before it breaks down.

Why is Furnace Maintenance Important?

A furnace is a piece of equipment sitting in your basement or a closet. That equipment handles the heat in your home. If you do not take good care of this equipment, you could be the person in -35 degree temperature and no heat in the house.

3 main benefits of having regular yearly furnace maintenance

Increase Efficiency

Your heating system, your furnace lose efficiency over time. this is caused by general wear and tear in the equipment by the virtue of it working to provide warmth. Also, there is dust and dirt, buildup in drains, and buildup on the burners. Regular yearly maintenance of your furnace will mitigate almost all these factors. The furnace technician will clean all the dust dirt and buildup, and also identify the areas of corrosion if any. This will help identify any failing parts that should be replaced until it becomes a large issue. A furnace that is not maintained by a professional gets lower efficiency, increasing the cost to run that furnace. Also, If you are not careful about any failing parts, you might end up getting a huge repair on a broken-down furnace. Sometimes the efficiency of the Furnace may every increase by a factor of 30% just after the maintenance.

Longer Lasting Furnace

Your Furnace and HVAC equipment will last longer and without any hiccup, if you get regular professional maintenance. Generally, a new furnace comes standard with a 10-year parts warranty. With regular maintenance, you will be able to increase its life span by another 10 years. Because the faulty parts are repaired and/ or replaced without the problem escalating, and high working efficiency is maintained, it gets highly unlikely for the furnace to break down. In my experience, a poorly maintained furnace is the number one reason for premature furnace breakdowns.

Peace of Mind

A furnace that is not properly working or completely stopped working is another thing you don’t want to deal with. As a homeowner, the things that you need to take care of to make your home winter-ready are a lot. Adding furnace repairs to the list will add to your worries. We are still in this pandemic and having another worry on your mind will affect your mental health. Getting a professional to take care of your furnace is the smart thing to do.

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