Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in your house are the biggest dust collectors. All the major indoor air pollutants stay in your air ducts. Getting the ducts cleaned every few years is a good habit. This will keep your heating and cooling equipment healthy and efficient for a long time. Air duct cleaning also helps increase the efficiency of the system and reduce the cost of operation, because it eliminates the dust from the path of the air and lets it flow without obstruction. We at Mr. HVAC uses commercial grade equipment and trained technicians to perform the duct cleaning services at your home.


The cold and dry air of winters are a major cause of skin rashes and nose bleeding. The experienced staff at Mr. HVAC will help you choose the best humidifying solution for your home and provide you with installation. We are determined to make the air in your home more comfortable.

HEPA filters / Media Air filters

HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) media filters are the most effective way to control the indoor air pollutants. These filters are especially designed to eliminate microscopic germs from the air, and trap it in them. At Mr.HVAC, will help you choose the best air filtration system that will site your needs and help you and your loved ones breath a lot better than before.


Dehumidifiers can be very useful in controlling the humidity in the house. Excess humidity in the air is a major cause of mould and mildew in houses. This can cause a lot of health problems in your loved ones. More than normal amounts of relative humidity can also help create a good breeding ground for pets like spiders and other insects. The professional team at Mr. HVAC will help you decide, whether you need a dehumidifier in the first place, and if yes then what will suit your needs the best.