5 Reasons to get your Air Conditioner Service NOW!!!

Any electronic equipment needs care and regular maintenance for proper usage. The heating and cooling equipment sitting tucked away in your basement or a closet somewhere needs the same. I understand that keeping up with those maintenances could be a headache but it’s important because if you don’t you will have to face bigger problems like your air conditioner dying on you in a terrible heatwave. It’s August of 2021 and you are still waiting on your yearly maintenance, here are 5 reasons you should not. 

Reason 1: Efficiency

    The efficiency of the system decreases exponentially if it is not maintained properly. Yearly servicing of your air conditioners is a key part of its general maintenance. Decreasing efficiency means that the AC is using more energy to produce the same amount of cooling, this will cause your monthly energy bills to rise up gradually. You will end up paying more on your energy bills, over a period of time, than the amount of money you are saving by not getting the servicing done. So the number one reason to get your AC serviced is to maintain a high efficiency. 

Reason 2: Avoid repairs

    ACs’ are notorious most of the time in the sense that you would not notice a small fault in them until it is too late and the air conditioner stops working on a hot summer afternoon and no technician is available to come fix it in a short notice. A regular and yearly maintenance will help you eliminate that circumstance, you will be able to catch a fault and work on it proactively rather than retroactively. So avoiding costly and uncomfortable repairs is the second reason that you should get your ac serviced.

Reason 3: Increase Lifetime

    All the major air conditioner manufacturers provide a 10 year parts warranty, this essentially means that if you are not maintaining and servicing your ac regularly, anything that happens after the 10 year mark, the manufacturer is not responsible. If you are maintaining your AC you are potentially increasing the lifespan of the components by five or maybe ten years, and hence delaying an expensive AC replacement. So the third reason to get your yearly air conditioner maintenance is to increase its lifespan.

Reason 4: Maintain Warranty

    As mentioned above, all the major AC manufacturers provide a 10 year parts warranty. But, many installers also provide a labour warranty to compliment the manufacturer’s warranty. To maintain that, more often than not, there is a clause to get your ac serviced yearly by a certified technician. So maintaining that labour warranty becomes the reason number four to get your yearly AC maintenance.

Reason 5: Get great discounts

    Mr. HVAC Services have brought you amazing discounts on yearly maintenance packages for your air conditioners, you also have the opportunity to save more if you bundle it with other HVAC equipment in your house. Moreover, if you are our yearly maintenance customer, you get discounted prices for your Furnace and Air Conditioner upgrades.