3 Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Heating and cooling equipment is always tricky to understand and repairs can cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Those costs and the risk of repairing can be reduced and somewhat eliminated (in some cases) by following these 3 simple tips. 

**Note: HVAC Equipment is connected to your house’s power supply, please switch the power off from the mains before performing any of these maintenances.​

Tip 1

Change/ Clean your furnace filter– Every furnace has a filter, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. The first that you have to know with a filter is what type of filter you have. (Here is a guide to help you out)

Different types of furnace filters in the market

These filters if not cleaned/ replaced at regular intervals can cause your equipment to overwork and break down easily.

Tip 2

Wash the outside unit before every summer– The air conditioner unit situated on the outside has a filter on its perimeter, that unit works by pulling air in from the sides and throwing it out from the top, so it’s important to wash it down at least once a year that there is no debris blocking the air flow.

Wash the outside unit Air Conditioner
Wash the outside unit Air Conditioner

The best way to wash it is by a regular garden hose, making sure that you do not hit the electrical panel directly.

Tip 3

Replace Evaporator pad of your Humidifier– The humidifier for your house works in the winters. It has a pad on the inside that is mostly responsible to hold water that is evaporated in your home’s air stream. That pad, if not replaced annually, can cause mould and its spores can get in your airstream and cause a lot of health problems.

Humidifier pad replacement
How to replace humidifier evaporator pad